Direct Marketing Impact

Study #1

Planned Gift Income 5 Years Before and After Initiating a CZG Marketing Program

After allowing CZG to implement a comprehensive program, one regional division of a national disaster services organization made a comparison between planned gift results for the five years before partnering with CZG and the five years after. The previous 5 years were spent working with another agency.

The program with CZG included four to five mailings annually. The audience for each mailing was selected using CZG’s prospect modeling research algorithms. In addition to the results below, their planned giving program was honored with an award for excellence in planned gifts development by a respected industry association.

Gift Type% Change
Bequests 159%
Charitable Gift Annuity Income 547%
Charitable Gift Annuity Contracts 500%
Planned Gift Society Membership 1077%
Charitable Remainder Trusts 4146%
Stock Donations 100%
Increasing Return on Investment

Study #2

Increasing Planned Giving Mail Volume Increases Response Rates AND Return on Investment

A recent examination of planned gift lead generation mailings for several national CZG clients has revealed significantly increased return on investment through increasing the mail universe for planned gift promotions.

The following example represents charitable gift annuity mailings developed by Caswell Zachry Grizzard for one national healthcare organization at twice their historic rate of file penetration.

Doubling the volume of charitable gift annuity promotions nationwide has not only increased the rate of response, but the organization has experienced a corresponding increase in return on investment of 150%.

Program Metrics

Study #3

Shift in Key Program Metrics 4 Years Into Partnership with CZG for Planned Gifts Marketing

A regional division of a national human services organization partnered with CZG on a comprehensive planned gifts marketing outreach, with the goal of increasing across-the-board results. Four years into that partnership, program analysis revealed the following shifts in key metrics:

Lead Generation

Study #4

Comprehensive Planned Gifts Marketing Program with CZG Increases Leads by over 100% in Just 18 Months

CZG worked with a leading national charity to achieve the following:

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive planned gifts marketing program
  • Examine multiple marketing mediums for optimum performance
  • Initiate a strategic testing program to achieve greatest return on investment

In the 18 months following the implementation of the program:

  • Average response rates for all planned giving mail projects increased 109%.
  • The average response rate for CZG-created CGA mail projects increased 26% over previous efforts.
  • Response rates for a CZG-created custom planned gifts lead generation newsletter increased 80% over the prior lead generation newsletter.

In order to establish ongoing quality control, the organization later tested the custom lead generation newsletter developed by CZG against another planned gifts marketing agency’s product. The result: CZG’s custom planned gift lead generation newsletter had a 660% better response rate.

Charitable Gift Anuity Marketing

Study #5

Planned Gifts Marketing Increases Cash Giving

A frequent concern when an organization ramps up planned gifts marketing is what the effect of communicating with donors about planned gifts will have on annual fund cash giving. If donors are considering some type of a deferred gift, will they be less likely to respond to requests for immediate support?

CZG conducted a 10 year study for a well-known national charity just beginning a full-scale planned gifts marketing program. Cash giving by long-term donors who had been selected to receive planned giving mailings was carefully analyzed for the 5 years before the planned gifts marketing began. These figures were then compared to cash gifts made by the same donors over the 5 years following the introduction of planned gifts marketing.

Donors gave an average of 27% more cash in the 5 years after they began receiving the planned gift mailings.

This figure does not take into account revenue generated by any of the planned gifts that were made, but it was discovered that after a donor made a planned gift commitment, their cash giving to the organization increased by over 50%.