Planned Giving 101


Since 1968, the Caswell Zachry Grizzard PG101 course has been attended by over 16,000 planned gift professionals, attorneys, CPAs, trust officers, board members and nonprofit CEOs. Many of America’s top planned gift officers and development executives began their careers in planned giving by attending our course.

The philosophy behind the PG101 training was developed by our company’s founder, the late planned giving pioneer Gordon M. Caswell, who believed that planned giving is first and foremost a service provided by a nonprofit to supporters and their families.
Though Gordon is no longer with us, we continue his legacy by teaching and practicing planned giving as a donor-centered discipline. The emphasis is always on building relationships and putting the best interest of the donor and his or her family first.

Decades of experience have proven time and time again that the “donor first” approach is not only conducive to success in planned giving, it is essential.

PLANNED GIVING 101: A BEGINNER’S COURSE is typically presented as a nine hour course over one and a half days. If needed, it can be compressed into a six hour, one day format. This course works well for small or large groups (even 100+). For pricing of on-site or off-site training, please send an email to or call 800-972-3187.

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